Picture Bingo - State Capitals Advanced

$7.95 USD

Patriotic Picture Bingo is a terrific way to have fun while teaching all about our nation. This version is a great way to teach the older children about our 50 state capitals.  The caller calls out each state capital by name (i.e. Madison), but does not mention the state, the player must know what state has that city as it's capital, and marks their card accordingly (Wisconsin).

Each of these beautifully created games comes complete with:

Call Pieces of all 50 state capitals

Red, white, and blue markers (or you can use your own)

20 different game cards

Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a downloadable PDF of the entire game. You can print and reprint the game pieces as many times as you'd like, dispose of the cards after use, or laminate them for long-term use. Ideal for ages 10+ (adults will love this game, too).