More About Oliver the Ornament

What makes Oliver the Ornament so special? We believe it’s three things:

THE STORY —The story of Oliver the Ornament is a universally identifiable tale that will appeal to people of all ages. It’s a story of tradition, love, friendship, forgiveness and joy. It’s a story of Christmas.

THE PLAN —Oliver the Ornament is the first in a seven book series. All subsequent books will introduce readers to each of the family’s cherished Christmas ornaments. In addition, a complete line of related products, tied to Oliver and his friends will be made available to spread the message that family time is the most important time.

THE CHILDREN —Charity is at the heart of Oliver the Ornament. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to various children’s charities. Starting with 5% from the first book, 10% from the second book, and increasing to 100% of the seventh book, Oliver the Ornament is committed to making a difference in children’s lives throughout the world.

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