Oliver the Ornament Meets Frasier and Merry Narrated eBook

$14.95 USD

 Now available in an interactive narrated eBook.

This amazing studio-created eBook allows you to download the story on any device. Your child or grandchild can read along with the narration, be entertained by the illustrations and the drama of the story and learn valuable lessons along the way. 

Oliver the Ornament Meets Frasier and Merry tells the story how the adorable ornaments Frasier and Merry entered the Nelson Family collection of ornaments. Just as is the case of many ornaments we possess, there’s a very special meaning behind Merry and Frasier entering this family’s collection.

Meanwhile, Nellie, the naughty ornament int he attic, isn’t exactly in the Christmas spirit. In fact, she’s more determined than ever to ruin Christmas for all the ornaments and the entire Nelson family.

Will she succeeded this time? Will Oliver be able to stand in the way of her plan? You’ll find the answer to these questions and more, as you read this newest release in the Oliver the Ornament series. You’ll also begin to learn a little more about our naughty ornament, Nellie, because after all….

…Every Ornament Tells a Story.

Oliver the Ornament has been named by People Magazine as one of their Best New Books, it has been featured on Fox & Friends as one of the Hottest New Toys of the Year.