Oliver the Ornament Meets Edsel, Buck, and Crystal Book #6 with Ornaments

$69.95 USD

Edsel, Buck, and Crystal Has Arrived!!!  Order Today with the three ornaments. This set includes the hard-bound book and ornaments of Edsel, Buck, and Crystal. 

The sixth book in our seven-book Oliver series tells the story how Edsel, Buck, and Crystal entered the family's collection. Did the family receive them on a trip? From their grandmother? Maybe to celebrate a special occasion? We won't tell, you'll have to read this captivating story and find out for yourself.

Meanwhile, Nellie, the naughty ornament in the attic continues her naughty antics to ruin Christmas for the Nelson family and their beloved ornaments. This time she has her mind set on a bigger target than just the ornaments or the Nelson's. This time, she's going to get the big guy himself. Look out Santa, Nellie is out to get you.

Will Nellie finally succeed at ruining Christmas? Will Santa fall into Nellie's trap? Or will Oliver and his friends come in to save the day? Learn these things and more, upon the release of this delightful story.