Oliver the Ornament Meets.... Combination Gift Set Book #7 with Surprise Ornament, along with Santa Ornament

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Oliver the Ornament Meets… is the seventh and final book in the Oliver the Ornament Christmas series.

Included in this package:

  • Oliver the Ornament Meets... Gift Set, which includes our seventh book, and our beautiful hand-painted surprise ornament
  • Our brand new Santa ornament
  • Narrated eBook 

Oliver the Ornament Meets... is a three-in-one gift. It has a two part book, a very special beautifully hand-painted surprise ornament, all packaged in a collectors box. After you remove the ornament, you can store books 2 - 6 in this box along with this book.

Oliver the Ornament Meets… is a two part culmination of the best-selling award-winning Oliver the Ornament Christmas series. Part 1 of the book takes place on Christmas Eve. Santa has arrived and is going to share some incredible news with Oliver and the rest of the ornaments. Through the magic of Christmas, Santa also shares some very special news with Nellie, the naughty ornament in the attic.

Part 2 of the book takes place on Christmas Day, and involves a long-overdue reunion. And, because it’s Christmas Day, Henry and Holly will need to rush downstairs to see if Santa got their letter and if their Christmas wishes will all come true.

Within the pages of Oliver the Ornament Meets... you'll see the heartwarming story of Oliver and his friends becoming overjoyed at meeting a new ornament who is given to the children on Christmas Day.

We hope the story will bring families together to tell the stories of their own ornaments and the special meaning that so many of them possess. Because after all….

Every Ornament Tells a Story