Mom & Dad

Hi, everyone. We’re glad you’re visiting Oliver the Ornament. We hope you enjoy all the projects the ornaments and our family will be sharing with you. All of the ornaments tell a different story, and every one of them is so special to us. We can’t wait for you to read how we came upon our very first ornament, Oliver, way back on our first date ever.

We sure are lucky to have two wonderful children, Henry and Holly. They are polite and kind, and they “usually” do everything we ask them. During Christmas they try extra, extra hard to be even better. So in December we track their good behavior with the “Good Behavior Chart,” which you can find right on this page by clicking the link below.

You can give one, two, or even three stars, depending on just how good your children are in December. Sometimes when the children aren’t so good, we have to put an X on that day, showing that they were a little naughty (but that doesn’t happen too often at all). We think your family will have lots of fun with this, and we think you’ll be giving out lots and lots of stars all through December.

Remember, you can click on any of the ornaments above or our family below to find tons of fun family projects.

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