Oliver the Ornament’s
Christmas Picture Ornament


20 family Christmas pictures
Clear-drying glue
Christmas ribbon
A medium juice glass, about 1 ½ inches in diameter
A sewing needle
A grown-up to help you with the tricky stuff


Place your juice glass on the first photograph and trace around the part you want on the ornament. Do that with all 20 pictures. Cut out 20 circles.

Cut another circle the same size from cardboard; on it, draw an equilateral triangle (a triangle with sides of equal length), with the points touching the edge of the circle. Cut out triangle; trace it onto the inside of each of the 20 photo circles. Then fold along all the lines.

Next, use glue to join one flap each from two circles, making sure the triangles point in the same direction. Using the same technique, attach the flaps of three more photo circles to these two, forming what will be the top of the ornament. Make the bottom in the same way.

Glue remaining 10 circles together, this time with triangle points alternating up and down, forming a straight line. Glue the two end flaps to form a ring; this will be the middle section. Then glue top and bottom pieces to the flaps of the middle section.

Once you’ve glued all pieces together, put paper clips on all glued areas until the glue is dried.

Use a sewing needle to create a small hole, and hang with Christmas ribbon.

Enjoy your ornament.

Mom & Dad

Holly & Henry