Kelly Arst

Beth Markus-Boles and Anthony Boles

Julie and Joe Bower

Dave and Eileen Cattau

Kelly and Jack Francis

Audrea Fulton

Nori and Teddy Greenstein

Guy Grundhoefer

Nancy Hanson

Oliver's Ambassadors

Jodi and Steve Heim

Bridget and Brian Hoffman

Tom and Denise Kazar

Cinnamin Malone

Mason Martin

Bob Malenchini and Nick Maviano

Sally and Jody Moulton

Scott Neslund

Rachel and Mark Noltner

Kelly and Tom Rieckelman

Kathy Sanville

Nancy and Don Schacher

Loreen Strasser

Tom Sublewski

Ann and Bill Sutmar

Marlene Zimmermann

This special group of family and friends is helping to spread the word of this heartwarming tale.

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Mom & Dad

Holly & Henry

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