Well, hello everyone. I was wondering when you were going to come visit me. I’m Frasier and we're glad you're visiting Oliver the Ornament. We’re going to have a great time together. I’ve got a really fun project planned for you.

But first, I have a really important question to ask you. What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an apple? You can see the answer on the bottom of this page. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing, I just love that one.

Okay, okay, back to my project. As a Christmas tree, I’m rather fond of pine cones (and pineapples, ha ha). So I’m going to show you how to use a pine cone to make a beautiful Christmas ornament for all of the feathered friends in your backyard. It’s easy, fun, and it’s great to watch. I call it Frasier’s Pine Cone Ornament and you can click on the link below to get started right away.

By the way, the answer to my joke is a pineapple (I’m still laughing).

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Frasier’s Pine Cone Ornament

Mom & Dad

Holly & Henry