Mom & Dad

Holly & Henry

Crystal’s Marshmallow Snowmen™


Big marshmallows, tiny marshmallows, and some gumdrops for the hats.

A red licorice lace or similar

Icing sugar and water to make your “glue.”

Squeezy tubes of colored icing

A grown-up to help you with the tricky stuff


Add 3 heaping tablespoons of icing sugar into a bowl, then mix in 2 teaspoons of water and stir. This should give your glue a nice, sticky consistency.

Decorate your snowman’s face with squeezy icing pens or icing sugar mixed with food coloring. A toothpick works well as a pen. I like turning the marshmallow on its side to use the flat part as the face.

Take one large marshmallow and apply a blob of icing glue to the top.

Next take your snowman’s face and place it on top. Set aside for a few minutes to dry.

Add the arms in the same way. The arms will be the small marshmallows. Hold in place for a few seconds until they are set.

Next add a nice red scarf, using the licorice lace. Use your icing glue to secure the scarf at the back of your snowman’s neck and on his front.

Now add a gumdrop on top for your snowman’s hat, using a dab of your icing glue to secure.